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The AI framework for
Luxury Villas & SuperYachts



Connecting advanced technologies with our expert business domains for dynamic, industry-leading synergies.

Maxis AI brings together industry specialists and advanced AI to revolutionize Luxury Asset rental and management operations. We streamline processes, cutting costs and time, while significantly improving the experience for guests and service providers alike.


  • Leverage the latest AI technologies

  • Natural Language Models

  • Automate workflows

  • Handle any data, media, or document

  • Highly flexible architecture


Field Experts

  • Specialist partners per industry segment

  • Decades of combined experience

  • Highly-qualified team

  • Established vertical reputations

Business Verticals

We operate exclusively within the travel and luxury asset management industries to explore system development and user experience enhancement opportunities

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Our AI solutions enable effortless exploration of our extensive 300+ villa portfolio through natural language interactions and guided selection.


This innovation promises a smooth booking journey, allowing guests to easily discover their perfect villa.


Additionally, we're advancing technologies focused on property and guest management, further enhancing efficiency and convenience.


Our AI technology in the superyacht industry is tailored to augment the capabilities of crew and shore professionals.


It enhances agility, improves communication, and facilitates more efficient operations, empowering yachting professionals with smarter, faster industry specific tools.

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The Maxis AI Framework

A Modular approach to serve strategically aligned business verticals

User Management

Efficient & Safe

Ensures secure user authentication and management, tailored to various user roles across different verticals. It integrates robust data protection and privacy measures, aligning with global data law compliance standards like GDPR and CCPA.

Memory Management

Enjoy a continuous journey

With advanced memory management, Large Language Models offer enhanced continuity in interactions, allowing for more coherent and contextually aware conversations over time, significantly improving the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence


Leveraging latest AI features

Whether for the generation of natural language interactions, or data management, we can quickly deploy Large Language Models, Text-to-Image, Audio, and Video, using the latest APIs available from various industry leaders such as Open AI.

Dynamic Agent Selection

The right AI for the Job

Our system is designed to select pre-configured, dedicated agents, each with their own specialized prompting and supporting knowledge base, tailored to effectively address the specific requirements of the task at hand.



Smarter Everyday

The AI system undergoes continuous training, learning from new data and interactions, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest trends and user preferences in the luxury travel and accommodation sectors.

Augmented Retrieval

Leverage User Files & Data

Augmented Retrieval uses advanced algorithms to access your uploaded files and documents, delivering highly relevant information and services tailored to your preferences and past interactions.


We work alongside leading companies and professionals.

At Maxis AI, we collaborate with esteemed clients in the SuperYachts and Luxury Villas industries to unlock the limitless potential of AI and Advanced Data Analytics combined.

Our primary mission is to elevate guest experiences and optimize operational efficiency for service providers.

Data Analytics

  • Track Financial & Operational KPIs

  • Optimize Process Workdflows

  • Track & Enhance User Experience

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI assistants and bots

  • Workflow automation

  • Customer-facing and internal tools - Yacht Charter Ibiza.jpeg


Leading technologies, expertise, and luxury assets at your service.

Maxis employs the most advanced technologies and human curation to make your experiences as pleasant, frictionless, and cost-efficient as possible. 

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